GreyGreyDAO AI-Zuki Twitter
Born in Melbourune, Australia. We make AI-generated art for Web3.
Makers of AI-Zuki, a small NFT collection of AI-remixed Azukis.
Not affiliated with Azuki or Chiru Labs in any way; just huge fans.


AI operator; dev & biz guy. Fully doxxed.
Fixing glitched artwork with a brush.
Former Trap God. Maker of chill beats.


  • We ran 24 x NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPUs for AI-Zuki with the ability to scale and efficiently operate more than 100 GPUs concurrently.
  • AI Diffusion (over GAN) is our specialty; we can custom create models (CLIP) where there are very unique requirements.
  • Full Stack Web3 Dev including smart contracts.
  • AI-generated animations.
  • Partnerships & Commissioning Work

    GreyGreyDAO AI-Zuki Twitter